Triangular Plywood Fruit Bowl

Triangular Fruit / Salad / Display Bowl

Item No. 3124

22" diameter (if it were a circle, approx)
11" from each corner to centre of bowl (approx)
3.25" high

2.4 kg

This large display bowl has been created by laminating together five pieces of quality plywood, four identical darker laminates then one blonde piece to create an interesting contrast for the lip of the bowl.

The three corners on the inside curve around gently into the adjacent faces, whereas the corners on the outside of the bowl are sculpted to a sharp definitive edge. The blonde lip of the bowl protrudes at an obtuse angle to the sides by approximately one inch to form a comfortable carrying lip.

A very unique contemporary piece reminiscent of a tri-corner hat or a giant plectrum. This large bowl would make an unmissable centre piece for a larger dining table or as a display bowl in a hotel / catering environment.

Finished with four coats of Linseed / Tung oil mix giving a subtle satin effect. This fruit bowl is food safe and extremely heat resistant.

As with all WeirdWood art pieces each item is absolutely unique with its own identifying number stamped on the reverse.

Handmade at the WeirdWood workshop in Staffordshire using only renewable energy produced 'on site'.