Oval 'Checker' Fruit Bowl

23.5" x 12" x 3.25" | Wood
Oval 'Checker' Fruit Bowl

Item no. 10811

23.5" Long x 12" Wide x 3.25" High

Weight 1.7kg

This Large Oval fruit bowl has been carved from four layers of plywood laminated together, one layer has been sliced then stood on edge in a checker pattern near the top of the bowl to create an eye catching effect before lamination.

Finished with four coats of Tung and Linseed oil mix, to a high gloss.

This bowl is 'food safe' due to the natural oils used to finish and extremely heat resistant.

A very unusual 'talking point' as a table display on a larger dinning table or side board.

As with all WeirdWood pieces it has been made using only reclaimed materials and self generated power on site from renewable sources. Check out the 'Environment'
page at www.weird-wood.blogspot.com

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