'Branching Out' Bowl

13" x 5.5" x 5.5" | wood
Occasional Bowl, Potpourri Bowl, Small Fruit Bowl

Item No. 3132

13" long
5.5" wide bowl 8.5" with branches
5.5" high

1.5 kg

This Unique bowl is just oozing with character. I hand carved this with the intention of making it look like a piece of nature brought inside for all to enjoy. By maintaining as much natural form as possible it's fascinating to study and appreciate the structural integrity of this 'Hunk of Wood'

There are six branches projecting from the outside of the bowl, three of which serve as legs raising the piece high enough off the surface to fully appreciate it's natural shape.

Hand Carved then left to season for two years this piece received a final smoothing out and sanded down the grades to a silky smooth touch then saturated with several coats of danish oil, leaving a golden glow, in perfect contrast to the remnants of bark left around the branches. This piece was a real pleasure to work on.

As with all WeirdWood art pieces each item is absolutely unique with its own identifying number stamped on the reverse.

Handmade at the WeirdWood workshop in Staffordshire using only renewable energy produced 'on site'.