Rustic Coat Rack

690 x 250 x 75 (frame) 215 mm (deepest peg)
A six peg design coat rack.

This unique design has been hand crafted by WeirdWood utilizing reclaimed mahogany planking and branches from a variety of tree trimmings.

The natural look of this coat rack is both stunning and inherently strong due to the use of natural elbows to form the pegs from green timber.

A very solid item with built in solid timber wall brackets and constructed by gluing and screwing all joints. All screw holes are plugged with matching timber, the piece is then finished with three coats of polyurethane matt varnish.

The juxtaposition of the highly machined sharp edged timber of the frame contrasting with the natural textured look of the pegs with it's bark left on, is an art form in itself, guaranteed to get your guests talking. And robust enough to last a lifetime.