David Rooke


WeirdWood Where Art Meets Functionality.

I have always believed that art and functionality can and should co-exist. If you are going to admire yourself in a mirror why not admire the mirror as well as the reflection ? When you use a piece of art as a centre piece to a table dressing why not use it to display fruit ? When you hang a work of art on your wall why not hang a hat and coat on it ?

By using this ideology I believe that the artwork becomes more appreciated and accessible on a daily basis.

Tantalizingly Tactile.

A lot of my work is sculpted from plywood, this is a material which has always fascinated me, its first recorded use was in ancient Egypt around 3500BC, they discovered by laminating thin sections of timber together with each layer at right angles to the previous layer it was possible to create a timber which was much stronger than an equivalent sized piece of solid timber. This inherent strength I use to advantage in my work, with the interesting juxtaposition of end grain and straight grain in the carved surface leaving an endless array of detail for the eye to feast on.

On my many visits to craft fairs and woodworking shows I have always been irritated by the number of perfectly circular and symmetrical bowls on display, These have been produced using a lathe which severely restricts the possibilities when it comes to shape and size, this is why all my bowls are hand carved for that special unique appeal.

Each WeirdWood piece is a ‘one off’ and absolutely unique with its own identifying number stamped on the back.

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